What we do


The ethos behind CycleChain

CycleChain works with people with disabilities including visual impairment and those recovering from mental health problems to give them training in bicycle maintenance. This isn’t about teaching people to be bicycle mechanics, however, it’s about using the bicycle as a tool, supporting people to build new skills and the confidence they need to get on and do whatever they want to do next. Some of the best bicycle wheel builders are completely blind, so there’s no reason why they can’t go on and be the best at other things too. CycleChain takes unwanted bikes and refurbishes them before re-selling them to the public.


Leveraging our expertise and relationships

To date our activities have included the refurbishment and sale of unclaimed bicycles recovered by  the West Midlands Police Force. In addition to providing two sustainable jobs, these activities have also created the opportunity for a number of visually impaired students and those recovering from mental health problems to take part in realistic work experience which, in four cases, has then led to full time employment in their home area.


Building partnerships

 CycleChain possesses real strength in both cycle mechanics and working with our clients and partners as together we can all make a difference.