Bikes for hire

We have Unisex adult, hybrid bikes for hire, suitable for street and towpath.

We also have some folding bikes available for hire. Subject to availability we also have local free maps, or these can be obtained from the nearby Canal & River Trust shop at Cambrian Wharf

£3 per hour or £12 per day. Folding bikes may be hired for more than one day providing they are secured overnight within your premises at your risk.

Hirers will be asked to produce IDENTITY and pay a deposit in cash, in advance which is returnable once the bike is returned safely. We do not have a credit card facility. Currently opening time for bike hire is Monday-Saturday 9.30 – 4.30.


  • Safe riding

CycleChain advises bike hirers to take great care along the canal paths; in the busiest areas around Gas St and Brindleyplace consider dismounting and walking where there are many pedestrians, as they have priority

The Canal & River Trust gives the following advice :

The ‘small print’ on hiring from CycleChain


Hire T&Cs in plain English   (for full version please read below)


1 the hirer and CycleChain are the only ones involved in the contract.

2 the hirer returns the bike in same condition, except normal wear n tear.

3 the bike must not be used for anything illegal or for business.

4 the hirer is responsible for any damages you cause to other people and or any legal charges, fines as a result of hirer’s misuse.

5 the hirer will pay for repairs to or replacement of bikes damaged or lost , they have hired.

6 with exception of the bike being faulty as result of Cycle Chain negligence, hirer bears all costs and legal consequences arising out of their use of the bike.

7 the hirer accepts responsibility for their own fitness to cycle and for the safety of any under 18 year old for whom they have hired a bike. Minimum age for accompanied minors is 10 years who must be competent to ride on canal towpaths; CycleChain retain the right to refuse or withdraw consent to hirer if they assess the hirer or their child as lacking competence to ride safely .

8 the hirer must inform CycleChain before taking the bike if any part appears defective. If a fault develops during the hire, hirer must contact CycleChain on 07547587050 who will effect a repair or replace the bike.

9 no racing, stunt riding, sub hiring, towing, abuse to the bike, no riding with excess alcohol.

10 hirers are advised to take out cyclists’ insurance against damage to third party people or property consequent to the hirers conduct of the bike. Cycle Chain do not provide this insurance.




  • Cycle Chain agrees to hire the bike subject to the terms and conditions set out below. Cycle Chain and the hirer are the only parties to this Agreement, even if a reservation for the bike may have been arranged by a third party, that third party may pay for all or part of the hire. The Hirer is the sole lessee and is solely responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions contained . The minimum age for hiring from Cycle Chain is 18 years; any person below 18 must have a responsible adult to effect the hire
  • The Hirer agrees to return the bike to Cycle Chain in the same condition received, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
  • The Hirer agrees not to use a bike for onward hire or reward, nor use it in violation of any law, or regulation, nor remove it (without prior written consent of Cycle Chain) from England, Scotland or Wales.
  • The Hirer hereby agrees to Cycle Chain that s/he will not operate the bike or permit the bike to be operated whilst unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed for the time being by road traffic legislation.
  • The Hirer hereby agrees to Cycle Chain that s/he will further protect the bike by ensuring the bike is always locked when unattended.
  • If the Hirer commits any breach of these terms and conditions Cycle Chain may treat the agreement as terminated and may seize, without legal process, or notice to the Hirer, the bike at any time or place and the Hirer waives all claims for damages connected with such seizure, and may withhold or deduct from the hire deposit reasonable costs arising from damage to the bicycle.
  • The Hirer expressly agrees to pay Cycle Chain on demand all fines and court costs including administrative fees for parking, bus lane, traffic or other legal violations assessed against the bike, the Hirer or Cycle Chain during the hire
  • The Hirer expressly agrees to pay Cycle Chain on demand a reasonable administrative handling fee for processing any fine or legal violation against the bike, the Hirer or Cycle Chain during the hire except where caused by Cycle Chain’s default.
  • The Hirer expressly agrees to pay Cycle Chain on demand Value Added Tax and all other taxes (if any) payable on the aforesaid items.
  • The Hirer expressly agrees to pay Cycle Chain on demand Cycle Chain’s costs, including reasonable legal fees where permitted by law, incurred collecting payments due from the Hirer hereunder.
  • The Hirer expressly agrees to pay Cycle Chain on demand the fair market value of repairing damage or loss howsoever caused to the actual bike supplied. Cycle Chain may retain a contribution to these costs by withholding the Hirers deposit.
  • The Hirer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Cycle Chain harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs and expenses (except where caused by Cycle Chain’s negligence or default) incurred by Cycle Chain in any manner from this rental transaction.
  • When you accept the application form you are declaring that you are physically fit enough to ride a bicycle and also that you are reasonably competent to ride on the road. Where you are also hiring a cycle on behalf of a person under 18 years, you also accept responsibility for their conduct in all the above matters. The minimum age for hiring is 10yrs provided an adult accepts full responsibility, and also providing that Cycle Chain agree that the minor is capable of riding safely in a canal area.
  • Once the hire has commenced, the Hirer has full responsibility over the bicycle. The Hirer is advised to be insured for such risks or be liable for all costs in the event of damage to the bike, themselves or third parties or theft whilst the bike is in their care.
  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the bicycle is in proper working order BEFORE the hire takes place; this includes brakes, lights, steering, tyres and drive shaft including pedals. If there are any problems with the bicycle then this must be reported immediately to Cycle Chain where another bike may be allocated.
  • Any wilful or negligent act of destruction of Cycle Chain property will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law and Cycle Chain will seek the recovery of all costs and administration charges from the defendant.
  • The Cycle Chain cycles are for the exclusive use of the Hirer only. All other situations will invalidate the hire conditions and any insurance cover .
  • If any of the working parts should become defective whilst riding a Cycle Chain bike, the rider must STOP and call Cycle Chain customer services. They will arrange to pick up the faulty cycle.
  • DO NOT pull or push anything with the bicycle as this may lead to steering defects, mal-align the frame or cause undue ‘wear and tear’ to the tyres.
  • DO NOT use the bicycle for racing, mountain bike riding, stunt or trick riding or for any other purpose other than riding to and from a destination.
  • In the event of a puncture or burst tyre, the Hirer should STOP riding and call Cycle Chain customer services.
  • Cycle Chain reserves the right to cancel any contract/hire agreement at any time with a customer without prior arrangement or written warning if the customer is in default hereunder.