Who do we work with?

  • Refurbishment of Bikes and Sales to the Public

CycleChain successfully operates in partnership with a number of organisations who share our socially responsible and environmentally friendly vision.

Two of the organisations are the West Midlands Police Service and Trinity Specialist College:
1. The Police donate bikes that they have recovered but remain unclaimed by the general public
2. CycleChain provide the facilities and Trinity Specialist College the students who receive training as part of the refurbishment of the bikes

  • Bike Sales and Maintenance direct to Educational establishments

In addition to selling bikes through the shop, CycleChain is supporting Sustrans and their BikeIT initiative encouraging youngsters to cycle to school. Through CycleChain schools can gain access to great value bikes that can then be maintained at a reasonable cost through the “Dr. Bike” scheme. This idea has caught on and has also been taken up by some schools outside of the initial funding provided by Birmingham City Council.

At the other end of the eduction spectrum, CycleChain is working with the different Universities in Birmingham to give students access to good value bikes.

Given our involvement in cycling, it should not come as a surprise that we have a good relationship with the Cyclist Touring Club (CTC) too.

  • Developing new opportunities

We are always on the look out for how we can expand our existing relationships or build new ones if it will help us with our goals. By working with CycleChain, we look for all organisations involved to achieve a win-win outcome.

  • Our Current partners include:

West Midlands Police

Trinity Specialist College


Canal & River Trust

Birmingham City Council/Bike North Birmingham



Birmingham University

Bike sales at Birmingham University 

Bike sales at Birmingham University